New script to kill shared memory clients

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 15-Mar-2019 01:03

Good evening,

There is a new and improved available in the latest pt3.14 build of ProTop. You can grab a copy by downloading ProTop Free here:, The download is free and you can do a local install if you're not interested in trending on our web portal and giving us your contact info.

An explanation of some of the new features is available here:

I have done quite a bit of testing on AIX and Linux but very little on HPUX. Regardless, testers on all platforms are happily encouraged to download it, try it and share their comments, suggestions and experiences here. Sorry Windows people, there is no such thing as a kill signal in DOS.


  1. There is no 100% risk free method of terminating a shared memory Progress process. Being part of the ProTop family, killprosession errs very much on the "do no harm" side of things, but there is always some risk.

  2. There is also the possibility that there are bugs in my code. I know - SHOCKING. You have been warned.

  3. The script is delivered in ECHO mode. I.e. it does nothing but echo commands. You have to consciously comment out the "ECHO=echo" line to activate actually kill signals and DB disconnects

  4. The script checks for connected DBs among the DBs configured in ProTop. If ProTop doesn't know about your DB then neither does

  5. Did I mention that you use killprosession at your own risk? 


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Posted by George Potemkin on 15-Mar-2019 12:06

Just testing...
George Potemkin

Posted by George Potemkin on 15-Mar-2019 12:24

I can't open the topic but can post here!
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