Database client notification : Does OE client required 11.7+

Posted by dvoyat on 21-Nov-2017 02:58


Should we want to benefit from online db changes being activated in any client should we also need the client to be 11.7+. Client notification being a database server parameter just wondering what happen if DB being 11.7 and client still 11.5.
Also should we run 11.7 appserver connection to 11.7 db with shared memory are the online db changes immediatly available regardless -usernotifytime set (as no db server required) or is  -usernotifytime also required there in order to get schema refreshed ?



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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 21-Nov-2017 04:31

Database Client Notification is a communication mechanism between clients and the database. So, yes, you need clients to be 11.7+

Posted by dvoyat on 21-Nov-2017 10:27

Thanks Dileep what about appserver/client with shared memory connection and -usernotifytime is that applied as no database server involved ?

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 22-Nov-2017 05:10

I am little confused about your question. If you are asking if -usernotifytime is required for online DB changes when a client is operating on an appserver then answer is yes. You need to start database server with -usernotifytime mentioned. If the database is not started with -usernotifytime, then database utility will wait until the client(appserver) is disconnected.

Posted by dvoyat on 22-Nov-2017 07:20

Sorry for confusion. Just want to know is there any difference between "REMC" and "SELF" client connexion while using -usernotifytime.  

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