What is prorest doing?

Posted by e.schutten on 02-Oct-2017 04:55


I started a restore on one of our test databases.

Progress 10.2B0852

Windows Server 2012R2

Steps are:

1) Prostrct create

2) prorest <dbname> <backupfile> -verbose

At 11:34:01 the full restore is completed, but the prorest session ends at 11:36:46 (so almost 3 minutes later).

So what is prorest doing after the message "Full restore completed"?

[2017/10/02@11:34:01.247+0200] P-10084 T-2804 I : (1369) Full restore completed. 

[2017/10/02@11:36:46.878+0200] P-10084 T-2804 I : (334) Prorest session end.

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