Error 10612 on Replication Source DB

Posted by James Palmer on 17-Jul-2017 16:31

Progress 10.2B08 on Windows. Can't start up a DB with following in log file:

[2017/07/17@22:28:59.486+0100] P-7764 T-7704 F : (10612) SYSTEM ERROR: numlive 1 tx_count 1
logTxEntry transnum 945924525 rlcounter 66078
pTranEntry transnum 0 rlcounter 0
rlmemchk: transaction table mismatch.

Any ideas what we can do to get the DB started? Even if it's just a case of getting access to get the data out to repopulate a new DB? We've already put an empty DB in place so they can carry on operations. 

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 17-Jul-2017 16:37

You have tried -F already?

Posted by James Palmer on 17-Jul-2017 16:38

Thanks Mike - leaving that for a last resort.

Posted by Brian Bowman on 17-Jul-2017 16:44

Is this the same machine that you had the 2 replication target problems with out of the 10 databases on it?
If yes then something sounds not quite right on the machine…
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Posted by James Palmer on 17-Jul-2017 16:52

It's the replication source for the replication target we had problems with earlier Brian. Something is definitely not right. They've been doing something funky with snapshots and virtualisation from what I can tell. We've recovered the main database with just index corruption, but this is the audit database and it's totally hosed.

Posted by George Potemkin on 17-Jul-2017 22:55

> logTxEntry transnum 945924525 rlcounter 66078

945924525 = 0x3861A9AD

These four bytes look like a text fragment - "8a" + two non-asci characters.

Maybe the wrong data was written to the bi file. For example, a wrong file handle was used to write data block. If it's true then bi file is lost and the -F option is the only choice.

What happened with database before it's crashed? Memory violation errors?

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