OE Replication and minor OE upgrade

Posted by Dmitri Levin on 09-Jul-2017 18:48

I am a complete newbie with OE Replication, so I assumed that I can do a minor upgrade without reseeding replication.

OE Repl was running on 11.7 (AIX 7.1 if that matters).

I shutdown both source and target databases. Upgraded OE from 11.7 to 11.7.1 on both source and target servers.

Then I could not start the source databases, they just hanged, and then gave me SYSTEM ERROR: Memory violation. (49). At that point I understand that I was doing something wrong. The databases that were not in OE Repl mode started just fine. So I disabled replication. Checked that databases started fine. Then I have redone OE replication again ( backup/ ftp / restore ) and all is good now in 11.7.1

So my question: Is that true for every minor OE upgrade we have to reseed replication? or I did something wrong in the upgrade process, quite likely since that is my first upgrade in OE Repl mode.

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Posted by James Palmer on 10-Jul-2017 03:16

It's a good question Dmitri. I've not had experience with 11.7 and upgrades, but I've certainly done minor version upgrades without trouble on earlier versions (10.2). In fact I think we still have a site with 10.2B08 on source and 10.2B07 on the target (not that that is a recommended situation!), and both have been running fine through the upgrade process and onwards (2 years plus).

So I suspect that if this is a problem, then it's a problem with the specific move from 11.7 to 11.7.1. And with the major overhaul of replication in 11.7, and therefore likely to be patches in 11.7.1, I'm not surprised it doesn't work.

It may be a good idea to raise with tech support so a KB article can be published if it is indeed a limitation. I certainly wouldn't want to find this out by accident in the middle of an upgrade.

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