PCase 4.0, complementary technical solution 4 modern OpenEdg

Posted by ke@iap.de on 22-Aug-2016 07:55

PCase 4.0 is out, and integrated into Eclipse. PCase can accomplish some important tasks for OpenEdge developers and DB administrators.

The below image shows a very compact view, where we glued the PCase components into Architect/Studio (Eclipse). The dialogues and views are done in Java, via our Skin-Client, the code below is ABL and the storage is OE DB.

PCase allows to write macros in the OO ABL, where common task is to generate code. Beside the DB diagram PCase has a very direct technical structure view, where finding fields in multiple tables is simple...

PCase has a long history, starting 1998 and maintained over all the years.

If you wish to know more about the technical concepts (like integration, macros engine...), please call me.

General information is available here: http://www.tools4progress.com/pcase/

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