Database backup is going slower and slower

Posted by e.schutten on 19-Jul-2016 06:01


For one database the backup time is growing. The full backup is made every day at 22.00. During the weekend it takes about 26 minute and it is slowly growing to 284 minutes on Friday. And than on a Saturday it takes 27 minutes again and so on.

The backup of the BI file takes about a few seconds. But the backup of the data files takes more and more time. The number of GB to backup stays the same (about 96 GB).

I have no clue what could cause this behavior.

OpenEdge 10.2B08


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Posted by cjbrandt on 19-Jul-2016 06:19

Monitoring the physical disk stats with performance monitor can show what the disk activity is.  

Monitoring the disk activity by application with resource monitor can show what applications are using the disk.

Posted by George Potemkin on 19-Jul-2016 06:48

Do you run backup to an existent file?

Posted by e.schutten on 19-Jul-2016 08:39

No I delete the file first, because otherwise it will take more time to backup.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 19-Jul-2016 12:42

Perhaps if you shared the command that you are using to backup someone might notice something.  (The whole script would be worth sharing if the process is more complicated than a simple probkup command.)

Guessing blindly...  maybe you are making an incremental backup with a high redundancy factor?

Posted by e.schutten on 20-Jul-2016 11:01

No I made a full backup and the command is straight forward: probkup online <dbname> <location> -com

Posted by Keith Sudbury on 20-Jul-2016 11:11

How does the memory usage on the server look? Allegedly the bugs that caused memory leaks with probkup were fixed in 10.2B08 (04 I think?).

Anything else you are doing every week like a server or DB restart that could be cleaning up memory/resources?

Posted by George Potemkin on 20-Jul-2016 11:23

Edwin, can you use the -verbose option with probkup? It will display "Backed up n blocks in hh:mm:ss" every 10

seconds. So you will be able to monitor the speed of backup during its run.

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