When your DR Environment becomes Production

Posted by Lela Keller on 16-Jun-2016 14:23


We have a DR environment that's licensed for a small number of users. In the event we lost our production environment, is it possible to enter the production license information on our existing DR OpenEdge instance to enable more users to connect since it will then become our production server? If so, is this URL below the procedure to follow to accomplish that?

Also, if that is doable, should the settings in the conmgr.properties and ubroker.properties files, such as beforeimage buffers, Blocksindatabasebuffers, maxservers, maxusers, number of servers, maxSrvrInstance/minSrvrInstance) be set to match the values on the production server? Are there any other files that would also need to be checked to make sure they match?


I really appreciate all the knowledge the members of this community have and share with others.


Lela Keller

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Posted by James Palmer on 16-Jun-2016 16:39

Hi Lela. I can't answer directly as I don't know much about how licensing works (does anyone?!)

I would suggest you look at Progress's Replication Plus product though. It sounds like you have gone to great trouble to solve the problem of DR, but Replication does a lot of the hard work for you. What's more it's a lot more transparent in terms of licensing and what you can and can't do. Yes there's a cost involved, but it shouldn't be that much.

Posted by gus on 16-Jun-2016 16:47

If the DR environment is going to run the same workload as the production machine, then it should be as identical as possible. same filesystem names, same version of the applications and all the files that go with it, same database and app server configurations, backup scripts, etc. same everything.

and tested to be sure it works.

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 16-Jun-2016 18:45

The answer, as always, is "it depends".  Some Enterprise Database licenses are multi-server and some are not. For example, if you are licensed by concurrent users then the answer is no. You cannot install your production licenses on your DR server. You must purchase DR licenses. James' suggestion is even better: purchase OE Replication Plus licenses. OER+ is cheaper and better then plain DR licenses.

I also strongly suggest that you do a license self-audit before Progress' Software Asset Management team comes knocking on the door. It would be preferable to purchase any missing licenses when you are able to negotiate a discount from your vendor. I have been assisting a fairly large number of customers with SAM audits and  self-audits and I regularly see $50$ - $100K is missing licenses. And when the SAM team catches you, the number pretty much doubles as you are forced to pay back maintenance AND reinstatement penalties.

To summarize: 1) do a self audit; 2) negotiate a good discount 3) pay $X - Y% discount

OR 1) Get audited; 2) receive a non-negotiable invoice for $X; 3) Pay 2 * $X or more


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