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Posted by ctoman on 14-Jun-2016 09:15

I have inherited a database that are TYPE 1 SA (10.0B) on AIX box).  Some of the areas are approaching 95 percent, should I be concern?    Should I add more extents or let it run into the variable extents?  I really don't have time right now.

In due time all the users will be migrated to our database (11.4 SA 2 - HP-UX 11.31)

Just thoughts!

Thanks in Advance!

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Posted by ChUIMonster on 14-Jun-2016 09:30

Well, strictly speaking, you "should" convert them to type 2...

If this were my db and I really, truly was planning on getting them migrated in a timely manner then I would take a look at the growth rate.  If growth is modest (a few GB per month) then I'd probably just allow the data to flow into the variable extents and not get too worried about it.

OTOH -- adding a few extents now, before the db flows into the variable extents, would be awfully simple.  The only reason not to do it would be that you cannot get downtime (10.0B might not support prostrct addonline).

I'm assuming that 95% means 95% of the pre-allocated space...

OTOH if 95% means 95% of the maximum data that can go into a T1 storage area I'd be getting a lot more worried.

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