DSRUTIL utility is not disconnected from the database correc

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 30-Mar-2016 05:22


Some time ago I opened a case in Progress on this subject, but from 26 February still not received a reply... :-(

So I have thought that may be a community will help me with this ;-)

OpenEdge 10.2B08, Linux

We have found the following strange behaviour of DSRUTIL when OE Replication is disabled.

Steps to behaviour :
1. Disable OE Replication in the database.

2. Not delete the properties file dbname.repl.properties.

3. Run command  dsrutil -C status -detail 

4. The utility connects to the database:
[2016/02/26@13:55:49.064+0300] P-23664      T-15242944 I RPLU    6: (452)   Login by root on /dev/pts/0.
[2016/02/26@13:55:49.064+0300] P-23664      T-15242944 I RPLU    6: (7129)  Usr 6 set name to root.

5. Then immediately the utility display message to the screen and return to the command line:
Database /disk2/tests/sposrt is not enabled for OpenEdge Replication.

6. But the utility not disconnect from database:
 proshut sposrt -C list
usr    pid    time of login           user id     Type  tty                  Limbo?
  5  23521 Fri Feb 26 12:56:58 2016   root        WDOG  /dev/pts/0           no
  6  23664 Fri Feb 26 13:57:04 2016   root        RPLU  /dev/pts/0           no

7. After some time, usually after 1 minute, this process was disconnected by WDOG or BROKER as dead user
[2016/02/26@13:56:30.091+0300] P-23521      T-0     I WDOG    5: (2527)  Disconnecting dead user 6.

I guess that this may be  a defect, which assumes a risk to the database as we do not know what makes this process before it disconnects by broker. Perhaps it locks some resources or this may cause some a conflict of access in a multi-user environment.

Or maybe I'm wrong and it is only my unfounded fears?

It is also reproduced on the OpenEdge 11.5 for Linux.


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Posted by Carol A. Osborne on 30-Mar-2016 07:40

Hello Valeriy,
It appears that your case was assigned to yourself for some reason.  The issue is being reported
into our Operations team.
I have unassigned the case from you and one of our engineers will follow up with you shortly.
Thank you.
Carol Osborne

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 30-Mar-2016 08:39

Hello Carol,

Thank you for your efficiency!



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