OE11.5 TP: How to delete Partition policy

Posted by cverbiest on 22-May-2015 05:01

We have defined as partion policy that we are not happy with.

We have not done the partionmanage split yet.

How can we delete this policy ?

The UI doesn't allow it and when I try to delete using the _files we get .

--------------------------- Error ---------------------------

Cannot delete _Partition-Policy-Detail if partition has been allocated (17617)

--------------------------- OK ---------------------------

&scoped fo with 1 column scrollable side-labels 

for each _partition-policy-detail {&fo}:
     disp _partition-policy-detail. 
     delete _partition-policy-detail. 
for each _partition-policy {&fo}: 
    disp _partition-policy. 
    delete _partition-policy. 

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Posted by Rohit Kumar on 22-May-2015 07:47

As the message suggests, you cannot delete a policy detail if the partitions are allocated. One way to do this is to deallocate the partitions and then delete the policy detail using the Table Partitioning ABL APIs. You can find the documentation set for the APIs here documentation.progress.com/.../index.html

Posted by gus on 03-Jun-2015 15:48

Furthermore, you may NOT modify the schema tables directly. This has never been supported the the proper methods for doing so are not documented. Read all you want, but do not change. Use the 4GL API, or SQL or proutil.

Posted by cverbiest on 04-Jun-2015 06:45

I agree that you shouldn't modify schema tables directly but it is documented that way.

Page 20 of "OpenEdge Getting Started: Table Partitioning" states

You can create policy ( _partition_policy) and detail (_partition_policy_detail) records with ABL, SQL, or through the OpenEdge Explorer/OpenEdge Management interface.

they misspelled the table names.

This was on a test database and I just wanted to get rid op a partitioning policy that had not yet been fully applied.

Posted by cverbiest on 04-Jun-2015 06:57

OEM UI gave the same error as trying it in 4GL and I expect the same error if I would have used the API.

What I don't understand is why I cannot get rid of a partition policy if partitionmanage split has not been done yet.

I, probably wrongly, thought that as long as I don't execute the split nothing is really changed to the table and I could revert any partition setup that I had entered.

I currenly no longer have that database as we decided to define the partiions on an empty database and do a dump & load.

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