OE 10.2B 08 and SQL standard

Posted by bremmeyr on 29-Dec-2014 15:44

What SQL standard version is in effect with OE10.2B08 with ODBC connections? Are SQL99 and SQL2011 features in any version of OE10 and OE11? 

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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 29-Dec-2014 21:43
Posted by Chandra Sekhar on 30-Dec-2014 01:18

In 10.208 we have SQL92 and few commands/statements in SQL99.
Where as in 11.2 we have supported Offset/fetch statements which is in SQL 2008 standard.
I would appreciate if you send us more details. Do you have any issues with OE SQL? Are you looking for any specific statements? What are the use cases?
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Posted by bremmeyr on 30-Dec-2014 12:25

No details are available. I have no issues. I am not looking for specific statements. The question was posed to me by a cohort and I did not have the answer. At that point I realized I wanted to know too. The topic of conversation was about various DB solutions and how they support SQL and to what ANSI standard version.

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