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Posted by post2manas on 26-Nov-2014 06:27

Hi All

We have a 24x7 application which is hosted through Citrix.In citrix farm we have 120 Windows servers where remote users login and launch application (which call prowin32,required ini and pf file). Can we replace progress installattion in those 120 servers with free webclients provided by progress so that can save licence fees. Will it create any issue?

Currently we have folowing licences installed in citrix server

Client Networking

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Posted by bronco on 26-Nov-2014 07:18

Well, the question is: does your application (prowin32) have any database connections?

Posted by cverbiest on 26-Nov-2014 07:45

1. You cannot have db connections, only connections to appserver

2. AFAIK the web server hosting the web-client package becomes a point-of-failure.

Posted by post2manas on 26-Nov-2014 08:33

Yes prowin32 refer pf file for database connection

Posted by bronco on 27-Nov-2014 00:39

If you have database connections you can't utilize Webclient. You can't connect to a database from a Webclient.

So unless you can move your database related stuff to the AppServer, the Webclient is no good for you.

From a license perspective: you have to pay a license for a database client anyway, whether it is for prowin32 or the AppServer.

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