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Posted by aaravindhantj on 07-May-2014 09:24


1. can you pls list the  client connection parameters.

2.what is the command to be executed in the remote client machine as a bat file since i work in windows os- so that the remote client machine can connect to the server datadbase.

3.assume that the database is in multi user start up mode with defined start up parameters.

thank u sir

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Posted by gus on 07-May-2014 09:35

_progres foo -H host -S port

where foo is the database name, host is name of host on which the database server is running, port is port number or service name on which the database server is listening for connections.

Posted by Jean Richert on 09-May-2014 12:37

Some help can also be found in our product doc.

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