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Posted by marko.rueterbories on 16-Oct-2013 20:44

Hi all,

currently I am working a lot with OE Management and Need to configure db's and AppServer's. but it is real hard to find the reload button sometimes. I find it very hard to find a light blue on a Grey backround ... donÄt know how other People do this.

And additionaly I am wondering why there is no Button to trim all Agents, cause this is deffinitly one of the most common usecases to go on that Screen.

What do you think?




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Posted by Sasha Kraljevic on 17-Oct-2013 06:00

Hi Marko,

What's the OpenEdge version that you use ? I just checked on 11.2.1 on my Linux box :


is that what you were looking for ?



Posted by Mike Fechner on 17-Oct-2013 11:55

Hi Sasha - problem is that as a developer you often need to trim all agents to reload modiifed libraries etc.

So you need to switch the combo-box from your screenshot from Add to Trim (each time) and enter the right number of agents. If you enter a number too high the system complaints :-(

This is confusing at best.

A trim-all button would make this so much simpler.

The refresh button above the agent status page is also pretty hard too find. That qualifies for an eye test....

Posted by Mike Fechner on 17-Oct-2013 11:56

Did we already mention how nice an auto-refresh would be ? ;-)

Posted by Sasha Kraljevic on 17-Oct-2013 14:43

I'd say these are pretty good suggestions for ideation area :)  

Posted by Jean Richert on 17-Oct-2013 16:30

Yes... be the first one... Go to Ideas at


Then pick the product where you'd like to report an idea and off you go...

Hoping other users will promote it :-)

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 17-Oct-2013 18:24

w.r.t autorefresh, go to options - user preferences - automatically refresh pages

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