tell about performance tuning and database administration

Posted by Admin on 09-Oct-2006 23:33

tell about how to do performance tuning and database administration.

Any related document for this.

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Posted by ChUIMonster on 11-Oct-2006 09:29

1) Progress offers DBA Training classes.

2) Several outside firms also offer DBA courses.

3) There are many white papers on the topic. Some of the best are at PEG.

4) There are several good kbase entries that will get you started.

5) There is a very active discussion group that centers around Progress performance issues to be found at

6) Don't forget that your application needs tuning too -- often the biggest performance improvements come from coding and algorithm changes rather than knobs and dials twisted in the db and the OS.

7) You could always hire a consultant, I know one or two...

Posted by danforeman on 30-Jan-2007 16:09

Tom forgot to mention there is a 400+ page book called the Progress Performance Tuning Guide.

For details visit:

or contact me as I wrote it.

Posted by Alex Hart on 16-Oct-2013 06:21

There are a few good books from BravePoint by Dan Foreman.

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