cant connect to oracle

Posted by Admin on 23-May-2007 10:45

Hi guys!

We are trying to connect to oracle db 10gR1 (aix) using progress appserver or just the session itself and we are getting this error:

This module can access ORACLE only through the PROGRESS network (1894)

Failed to connect to ORACLE databse frontier (1451)

here is the connection string that we used:

ftdb=-db orawawa -ld schfrontier -S 12500 -H dev -N TCP -RO -db frontier -U ft1dev@WDEV -P ft1dev -c 270 -Dsrv qt_cache_size,32000

Any ideas why its not letting us connect?


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Posted by Stefan Drissen on 18-Jun-2007 17:05

The Oracle client cannot be dynamically linked on AIX (or something similar) so you need to probuild the _proapsv executable to include Oracle DataServer support which results in a recompile and new _proapsv.

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