Running Corvu on Windows Terminal Server

Posted by on 20-Apr-2010 08:59

Hey all,

Is anyone out there using Corvu / Hypervu on Terminal servers for WAN users?

I am working on Corvu 5,2 working with Windows Terminal Server 2003 and 2008.  The issue I see is that the Corvu temp files are all stored in the same tmp directory and users temp files are not unique to the user on the Terminal server.   Has anyone encountered this and found a work around?

So far the only work around we've found is to map a drive to a user directory for temp.  The issue with this is now we are using the network layer for temp files and this needs to be faster.


Thank you,

Joe Genovese

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Running Corvu on a Windows 2008 Terminal server presents several challenges.   The performance of the Progress ODBC driver is great.  Howeverm when reports pull back many rows then process the report it seems to run very slowly.  This is all corvu at that point.  The answer is IO speed.  Testing reports with the TemDir set to a RAM disk look promising.  Howver, the use of the corvu.ini file is really a pain.  Each user needs to have a custom ini file with that their own TempDir defined.

Hypervu offers some promise, but has been a little less accepted by our users.

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