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Posted by on 07-Jul-2010 13:41

Can we replicate from Itanium HP-UX 64-bit to Risc 64-bit HP-UX?  Or do the processor types need to be similar?


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Posted by Ruanne Cluer on 12-Nov-2013 02:37

For OpenEdge Replication to function properly, the source and target machines must be running:

- the same bit version of Progress

- the same Operating system, and

- the same OpenEdge version.  

For example:

10.2B07 64-bit HP-UX 11.3 to 10.2B07 64-bit HP-UX 11.3

not 10.2B07 HP-Itanium 64-bit 11.23 to 10.2B07 HP-UX 32 PA-RISC 11.10 or

10.1C HP-Itanium 64-bit 11.23 to 10.2B07 HP-Itanium 64-bit 11.23.

It is often argued that Replication across platforms will work as long as the machines have the same endian ordering,

( ie how multiple byte integers are stored in memory either by most-significant byte (MSB) called Big Endian or least-significant byte (LSB) called Little Endian )

Typical examples of such are:

+ IBM AIX, Sun Solaris SPARC and HP-UX are compatible endians

+ Sun Solaris Intel, Linux Intel, SuSe Enterprise Linux, Compaq True64

and Windows are compatible endians.

Progress does not certify cross-platform compatibility.

Although it may be found to work across platforms, since these scenarios are neither tested nor certified they remain unsupported.

We have seen situations of unrecoverable replication target synchronisation/failover or unexpected data loss between source and target in cross platform or cross bit environments.

As such if Progress recommends against cross platform OpenEdge replication and will only be able to supply limited support for any unexpected situation.

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