Out of free shared memory. Use -Mxs to increase.

Posted by athiruc on 07-Oct-2010 01:15

Dear Friends,

            One of our Client Using the Progress9.1E SP04 and Mfg/pro eB2 SP8, Most of the Time some finance users killing the long running session that time the database went down,

            the following error updating the log file.

               16:34:59 SRV 5: Out of free shared memory.  Use -Mxs to increase. (6495)
               16:34:59 SRV 5: SYSTEM ERROR: Releasing regular latch. latchId: 14 (5028)
               16:34:59 SRV 5: SYSTEM ERROR: Releasing multiplexed latch. latchId: 8192 (5029)
               16:34:59 SRV 5: User 201 died holding 2 shared memory locks. (2522).

          We are using the following database parametrs during the database startup. Many Time we modified the -L and -Mxs Parameters as per the QAD Suggession.

               The -n count  : 200
              -Mxs  Value   :  95

               -L Value        : 400000

                    Why the database going down if you kill the session ?     Please provide some suggession how to avoide this issue .

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Posted by gus on 07-Oct-2010 15:01

Without more information it is impossible to say.

Are there other error messages in the database log? Such as lock table overflow errors?

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