10.1B not responding/hangs under VMware with SCO Unixware

Posted by actcsb on 27-Dec-2010 09:53


I am running OE Workgroup RDBMS 10.1B under SCO UnixWare 7.1.4 MP4 with VMware workstation.

For some reason, Progress initially stops working, when a Progress command is given. For instance:
- procopy /usr/dlc/empty /user/database

- pro database

- bulkload

So after given the command nothing happens, it looks like Progress has gone to sleep or hangs.

But, when I login to another screen (e.i. CTRL-ALT-F3) and there login and make or search a file or start another Unix command that has some impact on the system, then Progress wakes up and continues the Progress command.

So, the questions are:

- Why does Progress stops functioning/reacting?

- Can I use 10.1B under VMware or must I upgrade to 10.2A/B?

- Must I change some settings?

I hope somebody can help me out with this, because I can't find any good hardware anymore to install SCO Unixware, so I must make the switch to VMware, but now it isn't working.

Best regards,

Patrick van Vugt

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Posted by Alex_u4a on 14-Jun-2011 09:31

It's a while since the question was posted, but we also had a problem with Progress hanging with Unixware under VMware. It turned out that Progress was looping on a system call: gettimeofday() (which we found out using the 'truss' command). The solution was to install a patch for Unixware (ptf9055f) that solves a bug in gettimeofday. This bug was more likely to become a problem in a virtualized environment like VMware.

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