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Posted by 302218 on 20-Sep-2012 07:13

OpenEdge 10.1c Solaris SPARC 64Bit Enterprise Database license.

I am trying to set up a before image monitor which should detect when the before image is in danger of getting filled up. I figured out how to fetch the hiwater from the _AreaStatus VST - but as the clusters get re-used and the hiwater mark stays the same, how can I determine the actual utilization?

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Posted by gus on 20-Sep-2012 11:56

This code will tell you how many clusters have been allocated:

find _areastatus where _areastatus-areanum = 3.

find _dbstatus.

display _areastatus-hiwater * _dbstatus._dbstatus-biblksize / _dbstatus-biclsize / 1024             .

to find the number of clusters in use, subtract the oldest in use cluster number from the newest in use cluster number.

_trans._trans-counter has the starting cluster number for a transaction.

The smallest value tells you the oldest cluster that is in use.

To find the newest, start a transaction and update something. get the _trans-counter value. then undo your transaction.   Or use the largest value in _trans as an estimate.

Posted by 302218 on 21-Sep-2012 00:04

Hello Gus,

thank you very much - that really helps me a lot!

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