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Posted by Aravindhacks on 13-Aug-2013 06:50

Where will be the default parameter values are stored? For example,If we do not specify -B param in proserve or OE mgmt,default value of 3000 will be assigned.How the value is assigned and from where the values are invoked,say like config file ? Kindly do a reply!

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Posted by Jean Richert on 13-Aug-2013 07:16
Posted by Aravindhacks on 13-Aug-2013 07:19

Yeah i got this. But how the defaults are assigned by database engine? In the above mentioned links there are some defaults for parameters,where the values are physically located?

Posted by Jean Richert on 13-Aug-2013 07:42

Some default values are hard-coded and some are calculated. As an example of calculated look at

Then if you want to know what are the startup parameters used, may I suggest you have a look at the KB article:

It will give you different ways to know the param used.

Posted by gus on 16-Aug-2013 12:24

The are constants built into the code of the executable.

In the DLC directory there is a parameter file that is read /before/ the parameters specified on the command line are read. If you wish to change defaults, you can put new values into that file.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 16-Aug-2013 13:24

What does it matter exactly how they are assigned by default ... they could be emailing Gus for instructions for all it matters.  What does matter is knowing what the default is if you do nothing, how to assign non-default values, and the implications of doing either.

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