Where to get the JSDO 4.0?

Posted by egarcia on 26-May-2015 08:37

Hello all,

I just wanted to share some information on where to find the JSDO 4.0 and get started to use it with Kendo UI.

Where to find

Version 4.0 of the JSDO is available in the following ways:

- Telerik AppBuilder in Telerik Platform ( https://platform.telerik.com )

A template using the JSDO is available when creating a new AppBuilder Hybrid Project ( Hybrid app )

- GitHub for the CloudDataObject: ( https://github.com/CloudDataObject/JSDO/tree/master/lib )

Navigate to https://github.com/CloudDataObject to access the various projects.

Note: The recent update to Rollbase Mobile (3.2.2) also includes version 4.0 of the JSDO.

Getting Started

Depending on how you plan to work with Kendo UI and the JSDO, you could start directly with the Telerik AppBuilder or by looking at sample code.

Here is how you can get started:

a) Using the Telerik AppBuilder:

  1. Create a new AppBuilder Hybrid project (in a Hybrid app). Select template "Progress Data Service" (mobile apps based on the JSDO).
  2. Use the info in the README.txt file to update scripts/jsdosettings.js to point an existing OpenEdge Mobile Service of your own or use the jsdoSettings in README.txt that refer to a demo service.
  3. Use the Run menu to run your app in a Simulator.

To run the app on a Mobile device:

  1. Download the Telerik AppBuilder companion app from the app store for your mobile device.
  2. Build app to the corresponding platform.
  3. Scan QR Code to launch the app on the device. You can use the QR Code feature in the Telerik AppBuilder companion app.
  4. If you want to reload the app on the device, you can tap and hold with three fingers. (LiveSync feature.)

b) Download the zip file for "Examples using the JSDO v4.0 with Kendo UI" and run the examples in your web browser:


If you have been working with the white paper and examples on "Using the JSDO with Kendo UI", you can compare the files to see the difference.

The main difference is that transport code is now in progress.all.min.js and the DataSource uses type: "jsdo" to refer to the JSDO dialect of the Kendo UI DataSource.


Even though the JSDO is not distributed with OpenEdge, the documentation is provided as part of it.

The OpenEdge Mobile section in the "New Information" book for OpenEdge 11.5.1 provides information on changes to Business Entities to use features such as serverPaging, serverFiltering and serverSorting with the Kendo UI DataSource.

(Changes also include a new session object: JSDOSession, the JSON Filter Pattern, annotations to define properties for the catalog mappingType, capabilities (requires OpenEdge 11.4 or higher), and a countFnName to provide the count of records in the result set when using serverPaging.)

You can find the updated documentation in the ESD along the download options for OpenEdge 11.5.1.
Online version:  https://documentation.progress.com/output/oemobile1151/



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Posted by mcmann on 01-Jun-2015 09:02

Thank you Edsel

Posted by BrianWhite on 11-Jun-2015 10:21

Are there any plans to support TypeScript usage of the jsdo by posting a typescript definitions file for the jsdo?  

Brian White

Posted by Mike Fechner on 11-Jun-2015 10:26

First part:
Second part:
I’d like to see typescript mappings too J
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Are there any plans to support TypeScript usage of the jsdo by posting a typescript definitions file for the jsdo?  

Brian White

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Posted by Phillip Molly Malone on 12-Jun-2015 01:15

CDO and JSDO are Open source, so in theory, someone writing a TypeScript version of the JSDO/CDO would be a great enhancement!

Posted by BrianWhite on 12-Jun-2015 08:39

I would hope that the mapping, or definitions, file would be maintained by Progress, in order to keep it up to date with the various releases of the software. Often, if this is community maintained, it gets out-of sync. Kendo UI, for example, distributes this d.ts file with their software bundle automatically.

Posted by egarcia on 14-Jul-2015 17:07

Hello all,

I have been playing with TypeScript and like it a lot.

I have entered an idea to have a type declaration file for the JSDO:


Please vote on the idea to express your interest on having a type declaration file for the JSDO supported by Progress.

Please let me know if you are interested in a sample type declaration file for the JSDO and I can make it available to you.

Best regards,


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