Getting Started with Telerik Platform - Resources

Posted by Rob Straight on 12-May-2015 12:44

Here is some material that will help you get started using Telerik Platform for mobile app development:

Telerik Platform In-Product Tutorials

Create a trial account on You will be offered a series of tutorials in the left navigation bard which guide you step-by-step on how to use the platform.

Sample App + 5 tutorials

You will receive 5 tutorials via email if you try out the demo app. Alternatively you can grab them from here:

Kendo UI Mobile Guide
Very useful if considering mobile web/hybrid apps with Kendo UI Mobile.

Pluralsight courses on Telerik Mobile Solutions

You can cover these with just a free trial Telerik account.

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Posted by mcmann on 13-May-2015 08:36

Hope the tutorials help all understand how to work with Telerik Mobile Solutions.

Posted by egarcia on 17-May-2015 07:29


Here is a link to some examples on using the JSDO with Kendo UI:


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