Kendo + JSDO CRUD operations (without grid)

Posted by rambarag on 30-Apr-2015 04:19


Can somebody suggest me how to make JSDO CRUD operations using kendo form fields. I am able to do Create the record but unable to update/delete the record.


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Posted by egarcia on 30-Apr-2015 06:48


In practice, you should be able to do jsdo.findById(), jsdo.assign(), and jsdo.saveChanges() to find the corresponding record in the JSDO memory, update it and send the changes to the server.

Just some few questions to get on the same page.

Are you using the JSDO directly or with a Kendo UI DataSource in the way that was mentioned in the "Using the JSDO with Kendo UI" white paper?


How are you accessing the fields in the form?

Are you using MVVM? (Kendo UI example with a form: )

I hope this helps.

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