Is it possible to update(extend) an existing JSDO Service wi

Posted by Rom Elwell on 09-Feb-2015 11:47

The OP in this thread states the issue succinctly:

"I went through the process of creating a business entity, adding the JSDO service to the mobile app project, and mapping the service to the fields in my mobile app.

Next I made additions to the business entity, and used the Edit Mobile Service dialog in PDSOE to rebuild the service's .json file.

Now, how do I update the service in the project in my mobile app? Do I have to delete the service, re-add it to the project, and redo all my mappings?"

We are using OE 11.4 with OE Mobile App Builder.  In addition to modifying the existing Business Entity associated with this Service, as described above, we also added a second Business Entity to the Service using the 'Edit a Mobile service' dialog.  When we attempt to import this new BE into the mobile app (by only selecting this new BE in the 'Create New Service>Select Resources' dialog) an error is returned:  "Error while creating JSDO service".

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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 10-Feb-2015 03:41

Hi Rom Elwell,
I’m able to upload the catalog file incrementally without deleting the existing JSDO services from Mobile App Builder and able to get the results. Here is what I have done:

-          Created a Mobile Service with one business entity. So that we will get catalog file (.json file)

-          Uploaded the catalog file in Mobile App Builder and then add the services and did the necessary mappings to get the details when we run the Mobile App.

-          Added another method in the Business Entity and then added Mobile annotations to for that method.

-          Now created another Business Entity and add that to existing Mobile Service using ‘Edit Mobile Service’ wizard.

-          Now uploaded this catalog file in Mobile App Builder (At the time of upload, I have chosen only Business Entity I have crated later) then JSDO services are created properly. I’m able to work with these services and the mapping I have created earlier are also intact.

Can you please let us know what changes have you done in the existing Business Entity?
Hope this helps,

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