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Posted by meyrick on 17-Feb-2014 00:31

Hi there

Does anyone perhaps know how to enable scrolling on a collapsible control in the progress OE mobile app builder?


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Posted by Wouter Dupré on 19-Feb-2014 01:10

Can you explain a bit more what exactly you mean with this? From what I understand when a collapsible control is too large to fit on the screen you can scroll the screen. Is this not working for you or am I missing something?



Posted by Ricardo Perdigao on 19-Feb-2014 01:49

By default, the collapsible control in itself does not scroll - the whole page does.  I sent you both a sample project and instructions on how I made a collapsible set scrollable.  Please take a look at the sample project and if it is what you are looking for, I will post it here.



Posted by Ricardo Perdigao on 21-Feb-2014 19:51


Have you looked at the sample I emailed you? Did it work for you?

Thanks in advance,

Ricardo Perdigao

Posted by meyrick on 25-Feb-2014 00:17

Hi There

Yes I have looked at the sample.Sorry i have not tried your method yet as ive been battling to get my app to connect to our database. As soon as i try it and it works i will let you know.



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