Posted by Mike Fechner on 28-Jan-2014 00:05

On Progress Software CTO Karen Padir is (indirectly) quoted:

"The goal was to empower ISVs to easily port their app to the Android, iOS, or Windows platforms depending on their clients’ preferences."

So are there any news in the pipeline for official support of OE Mobile on Windows Phone or Windows RT/Metro/Windows Store Apps?

Or does the freedom to port to Windows refer to the classical desktop applications using OpenEdge GUI or GUI for .NET only (however in that case, I'd have expected the term applications, not app)?

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Posted by Phillip Molly Malone on 28-Jan-2014 18:09

Don't know the full answer to your question, would need a Product Manager to answer that but I am fairly sure that your mobile apps build in the MOAB should run just fine in a browser on a Windows Phone or Windows 8/RT/Whatever they're calling it this week! ;-)

Posted by Mike Fechner on 28-Jan-2014 23:57

But isn't calling that empoweing ISV's to port apps to Windows in that context very marketing-ish?

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 29-Jan-2014 04:40

Strangely, have this ability.


"Build Windows 8 Apps for Tablets and Desktop

With the same powerful drag and drop visual builder, you can now build Windows 8 apps for tablets or desktop with capabilities such as Snap View, Search Charm, Share Charm, and Live Tile."

Why in the OE Mobile App Builder it is not present?

Are there any plans in PSC to add OE Mobile App Builder new features that appear in For example from appery roadmap (

January 2014
jQuery Mobile new components
iOS 7 support (and iOS UI theme)

I guess that this is the same thing. Or I am mistaken?

Posted by Ankur Goyal on 29-Jan-2014 08:45

Currently there are no plans to support Windows mobile devices for deployed apps. Supporting this requires writing JSDO in C# to allow OpenEdge customers using OpenEdge database to fully support their mobile apps. Allowing Windows mobile support without the JSDO is fairly easy but it would not help our OpenEdge customer base. Combine that with the low windows mobile customer demand, we are working on other priority features that will be released soon.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 29-Jan-2014 10:08

Have you actually made recent poll on that demand? On both sides of the pond?

I have recently spoken to a few larger AP's that consider not to use OE Mobile or to even go away from it because of the lack of support for WP / W8 touch.

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