Recreate Mobile project from PDSOE source code

Posted by brianpreece on 07-Jan-2014 08:52

Recently the Mobile AppBuilder part of my project was lost from the Cloud service, probably by a mistake on my part when cleaning up unwanted projects. Even though the complete source of the project was in my workspace in PDSOE, there is apparently no way to reconstruct the Mobile AppBuilder version from this source and I was forced to resort to an old backup and had to redo a considerable amount of work. Since Copy Source Local takes the source from the Cloud and puts it into PDSOE, surely it should be relatively simple to provide the reverse option

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 07-Jan-2014 08:59

That should also help in using a more comfortable JavaScript editor within Eclipse...

Posted by Shelley Chase on 07-Jan-2014 10:49

Hi Brian,

Unfortunately it isn't. The projects are meta data driven and the html and javascript is generated for deployment. I agree it would be very useful in certain circumstances. We would like to support source edits back into the designer but again this is a considerable amount of effort. For the short term at least an auto-backup option or something might be useful - what do you think?


Posted by Shelley Chase on 07-Jan-2014 10:50

Hi Mike,

Yes. and It is on our roadmap to improve the JS editor in the MAB. :-)


Posted by brianpreece on 07-Jan-2014 10:55

Hi Shelley, thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, an auto backup option would be useful, although of course now I am aware of this, I am backing up every five minutes!

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