How To Use Different Port for Tomcat?

Posted by mainroad1 on 28-Aug-2013 12:27

For my Tomcat web server, I would like to use a port other than 8980 (8981, for example). I haven't been able to see any documentation or article on how to do this, and I've tried a few things myself without any success. Can anyone offer any guidance or point me in the right direction?

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Posted by Steve Boucher on 29-Aug-2013 11:04

If you are using the specially configured version of Tomcat that Progress is providing with the development license, then the port used is obtained from the environment variable "OPENEDGE_HTTP_PORT=". This value is explicitly set in the protc.bat script. However it is recommended that you create a proset.bat script and define the environment variable there. For more information, search for "proset.bat" within the protc.bat script.

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