How to troubleshoot errors arising from export binary for iO

Posted by mainroad2 on 05-Sep-2013 15:47

When I try to export a binary (.ipa) for iOS from Mobile App Builder I get: 'Unable to build.  Please check you app settings.'

Knowledgebase article 000041407 says 'You can see the build errors if you build using the Mobile App Builder.', but unfortunately the 'Unable to build' message is all I'm getting.

I've tried doing the export from Progress OpenEdge Developer Studio and the message is the same.

Is there a way find a more descriptive message of what is going wrong?



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Posted by Ricardo Perdigao on 26-Dec-2013 00:50

Hi Gord,

Sorry for the delaying answering your question.  99.9% of the time, the issue with .ipa build is related to the following:

- The name of IOS App ID does not match Buddle ID in the Project Properties (IOS Binary Menu)

In very few  cases:

- The Certificate .p12 file uploaded does not match the certificate associated to the IOS Provisioning profile

My suggestion to you is to make sure those two topics above are correct.  If both topics are addressed and you are still having problems, the next step is to Open a Technical support call.

Another way to debug the project yourself (I am not recommending that), is to export the project to IOS and try to compile the project using Apple's Xcode.  I don't recommend that because you will need an Apple machine and some knowledge on how to use Xcode.  

Warm Regards,

Ricardo Perdigao

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