Showing live cloud db table data in local MSAccess2010 table

Posted by Zaf Hussain on 12-Oct-2015 08:14

I have a MSAccess2010 DB table that I need to have a connection to a cloud based mobile app DB table. I need to see any records that are added in the cloud DB table from within my AccessDB. How can this be done?

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Posted by Sumit Sarkar on 13-Oct-2015 15:27

MS Access has an ODBC interface for external tables. Here's a tutorial for our Salesforce ODBC driver.

Can you provide more detail on the cloud based mobile app DB table?  I.e. Where is it hosted?  Who is the cloud vendor? Do you know the type of database it's running?

Posted by Zaf Hussain on 13-Oct-2015 16:30

Hi Sumit,

Thanks for your prompt reply. The scenario is that I have an epos application using MS Access 2010 and need to link to cloud hosted MySQL DB tables. A mobile ordering App is used by customers to add order recs to the MySQL DB and we need to process the orders from our Access DB on pc in the shop. What is the best way to achieve this?

Zafer Hussain

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