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Posted by lenvdb on 15-Jul-2015 10:37


We use the Datadirect Driver (v7.0.1) as part of the SAS Platform, to allow connectivity to SQL Server.

I created the ODBCINST.ini files and ODBC.ini files containing DSN entries to our SQL Server 2008 Database.

We notice that some entry appeared inside our DSN entry in the ODBC.ini file:




Description=SAS Institute Inc. 7.0 SQL Server Wire Protocol....

I am not sure what to make of this as the Driver is not a Trial version. We have a valid LIC file DDS0.LIC, so I cannot imagine it is a trial version.

Does someone know what this is? I removed it from my ODBC.ini file yesterday and we lost connectivity to our SQL Server.

After I logged out and logged in again, we found the entry reappeared and we regained connectivity to SQL Server.

How do I make sure that The Driver can see the LIC file?

How do we make sure that the Driver knows it is not a Trial version expiring in 14 days?


Many thanks for your help.

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Posted by Brody on 15-Jul-2015 11:02

That is a result of the driver failing to be unlocked successfully.  I'd double check the unlocking mechanism to ensure your code is unlocking the driver as the first operation after connecting (this includes being able to find the lic file).  If everything seems to be correct, I'd recommend contacting support as this will allow us to dive into details about how the driver was branded, and the unlocking process...the forum won't allow us to dig into some of the sensitive info of branding and the unlock process.

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