ODBC Service is creating dump files

Posted by dwriter71 on 02-Jul-2014 07:10

We are currently using OpenAccess ODBC driver and at least once a day we are getting "ODBC Service is creating dump files" messages forcing us to cycle the service. The problem is that what ever is causing the error happens after IP connect but before IP Execute so we can't see what statements are causing the problems. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can track down these errors or possible catch the error in code? 

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Posted by Ravikiran Reddy on 07-Jul-2014 07:00


Please provide the below details to investigate on the issue,

> Detail about your environment, i.e.,
         - Operating System (OS) details
         - Processor Architecture
         - OpenAccess product version
> Stack trace details from the generated core dumps or send us the core dump files
> OpenAccess Major event logs,
    (use below steps to generate the log files)     
        On the OpenAccess Service,
             set the "ServiceIPLogOption" attribute to "Enable Major Events Tracing"
             set the "ServiceDebugLogLevel" attribute to "31" i.e enable the below flags,

    Restart the OA service.
    Try running your repro.
    Send us the OpenAccess IP and Service logs generated after the service crash.
Please let us know if you need any more information.

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