DataDirect JDBC Driver for Salesforce and OAuth 2.0 support

Posted by pascalj on 08-Oct-2013 07:17

Is there any support for Connected apps and OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol in the DataDirect XE JDBC driver for Salesforce?

How should my datasource be created in order to use this authentication mechanism?

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Posted by Bruce Rudd on 09-Oct-2013 08:37

The Connect XE for JDBC SalesForce does not currently support OAuth 2.0.  An enhancement request has been submitted to add this functionality to the driver and it is being considered by Product Management.

Posted by pascalj on 09-Oct-2013 09:36

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any target date for this enhancement release?

Posted by Bruce Rudd on 09-Oct-2013 09:49

No, there is currently no ETA available for this enhancement.  If it is implemented in a future release it will be included the the release notes which you can view online at:

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