Please separate the Server section and the Studio section of

Posted by suzuki on 31-Jul-2018 19:21

Purchasing Corticon Server and Corticon Studio will provide a license file for each.

However, each file is confused with a section for Corticon Serer and a section for Corticon Studio.
Please write only the section of Studio in the license file for Studio and only the section of Serer in the license file for Server.
Otherwise you can not control the purchase related to the license.

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Posted by James Arsenault on 03-Aug-2018 12:06

By default a Corticon license contains both your Studio and Server enablements. If you want separate Studio and Server license files, contact support and they can provide them as separate files.

Posted by suzuki on 05-Aug-2018 19:25

Hi Mr, James,

Thank you for reply to my comment.

I didn't know license file can separate for the Server and Studio and so far all of license to the deliver us is include both section.

We were thinking only your shipping staff can generate license file.



Posted by James Arsenault on 06-Aug-2018 08:10

Either support or customer order management (COM) should be able to help you. They would need to name the license files differently such that there is no conflict on ESD. It's likely neither support or COM have had to split the license like this before but it is possible to do. If they have questions,  please direct them to me.



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