How can we know about the misbehavior of the RuleSheet in Ru

Posted by suvetha s on 03-Jan-2017 23:08

Consider we are running a Ruletest.....

Our ruletest got failed to get the expected output......

How can we automatically find in which part the rulesheet fails ?

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Posted by Harold-Jan Verlee on 04-Jan-2017 06:34

The best way is to put parametrized rule messages against your rules, so when you execute your rules in test you have a full textual trace of all rules (and calculations). You’ll be able to quickly identify a mistake in your rules. You can also chose to selectively disable/enable the rules in your rulesheet to debug them and work towards your expected outcome in a step-by-step approach).


Figure 1: example messages with percentage and amounts as variables

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