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Posted by sanswa19 on 02-Dec-2016 04:07


1) Is there any way to create an Vocabulary by importing from an other file extenstion like excel or some other file..

2)Can we able to contact from one Vocabulary to another Vocabulary  It means data sharing .

why am asking means basically we are creating the rulesheet itself bases on Vocabulary  only.we are not able to access the outside of Vocabulary  attribute.

If this is the scenario how to achieve it.

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Posted by Jan Krishnamurthy on 02-Dec-2016 07:56

Current Corticon has utilities only to export 1D and 2D excel spreadsheet as rulesheets.

Multiple ruleflows can share the same vocabulary , but one ruleflow cannot point to two vocabulary .ecore files

Posted by mparish on 02-Dec-2016 07:56

The Corticon vocabulary is an Eclipse ecore file.
Eclipse provides some built in tools for creating such files.
Go to New…Other and choose EMF Generator Model
Then choose a file name (with extension .genmodel)
Now you will find you can choose from several sources
Unfortunately Excel is not one of them.
If you want to import from something other than the Eclipse options you will need to write some java code that uses the Corticon Rule Modeling APIs
You’ll need the Corticon Foundation APIs from the ESD site.
It comes with several examples:
I’ve attached the CreateVocabulary example.
You’d also need to use the Excel APIs to read the Excel data.

Posted by sanswa19 on 07-Dec-2016 01:29

Is there any common template for generating the rulesheets from xls

Posted by sanswa19 on 07-Dec-2016 01:58

Hi am not clear on that...Is there any common template for generating the ecore.

How to create ecore from java?

Posted by mparish on 07-Dec-2016 02:08

Yes there is.
If you look under “Import” you will see
The excel rule sheet import wizard currently supports two formats:
One dimensional data such as this
And two dimensional data such as this
The import wizard will create rule sheets automatically for you like this
This feature was introduced with Corticon 5.5.2
Other layouts of rules in Excel can be supported by writing your own import utility in java and making use of the Corticon Rule Modeling APIs.
You can find more details here in the documentation

Posted by Jan Krishnamurthy on 07-Dec-2016 07:52

XSD to .ecore, .ecore from java or .ecore to .ecore are not Corticon specific functionality

These relate to EMF plugins for eclipse and the EMF plugin documentation /eclipse documentation should help you in this regard.

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