How to Generating OpenEdge JSDO Catalog in BPM for KUIB

Posted by Rafael Fontes on 20-Feb-2019 17:17

Hello everyone!

I need to build form in BPM for activities and in Studio Progress version 11.7.4 the modeling has been discontinued and replaced by KUIB.

In the documentation says there are samples of how to do in Stuidio but I did not find them.

I need this urgently.

Thank you all, thank you.

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Posted by Jawahar Surapaneni on 21-Feb-2019 12:03

Hi Rafel,

You can download  the KUIB sample from the Samples section in the Welcome page  from the PDSOE designer

Download the OEBPM JSDO Service (Classic & PASOE), OEBPM Custom JSP sample.

From the samples that are gets downloaded,   InsuranceClaimWebApp    is the one which is  built  with KUIB app to design the form and save or submit the forms in OEBPM.

Let us know if you have any questions.



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