OEBPM cache value using static variable in custom adapter

Posted by jliao on 06-Sep-2018 07:39

We are using OEBPM 11.7.3. We have a class which uses static variable to save (cache) retrieved security token, so we can obtain new token every one hour or so instead of every time class is invoked. In the code, we check whether this static variable is null or the age of this token has passed 1 hour. If so, we will establish connection to IDM to obtain a new token. Otherwise, we just use the saved (cached) token. It is a very straight-forward implementation.

when we use this class in custom adapter, we found out that this static variable is always null. The variable never has value saved. We suspect that the custom adapter initiates a new instance of this class and the static variable every time it is invoked.

However, if we use this same class in the pre-activation section of the  adapter Or task workstep, the variable caches token without any issue.

Has anybody else encountered this issue? Did we do anything wrong in our code?

Thanks a lot for your input in advance!

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