BIZOE file with size zero

Posted by Matheus Antonelli on 08-Mar-2018 11:18


I have a process that communicates with OE Appserver.

Every time when I update this process on BPM server, the BIZOE file for the Appserver workstep is saved with 0 bytes and I must replace this file manually on server.

Anyone knows how to solve this?


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Posted by Praveena Ampaty on 09-Mar-2018 00:55

Hi Matheus,

When you say that you are replacing .bizoe file manually on server, are you replacing it in deploy location(@DLC:\oebpm\server\ebmsapps\<PTName>\maps\<ActivityName> for process)?. Ideally we should not replace the .bizoe file in deploy location because whenever you redeploy the process from studio the artifacts will be replaced into ebmsapps as per the changes made in the Adapter. Please make sure that the .bizoe generation is proper in Studio.

This is how it works:

Whenever we design a OEAdapter with .p/.r/.bizoe file and build the project,  all the OEAdapter artifacts will be generated in maps folder for that OEAdapter(such as .bizoe, .caar, spring.xml, etc.,) in workspace location and when we deploy the application, the application along with the artifacts will be copied into ebmsapps . As the artifacts will be modified automatically when we do a republish/redeploy, it is not suggestible to change the artifacts, instead we can configure the OEAdapter properly as per the requirement.

Hope this helps.



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