Accessing ini-file values in scripts?

Posted by anne-li on 29-Nov-2017 03:15

Previously we've sent some emails by mapping the "To" Parameter to an value in an ini-file, like:

Which worked well. But I'm trying to make it more flexible, so now I get various emails and can select which one to use based on various conditions, so I have a dataslot instead. However, I do still want to use the value in the inifile as the final default (and for backwards compatibility). So I want a script that basically says in the end that if the dataslot is still empty, set it to ${ourconfig.ini:emailaddresswewant}. But I haven't been able to find an examply on how to use the "${ourconfig.ini:emailaddresswewant}" bit in a script so that I actually get the value from the ini-file.

Can I do that and, if so, how?


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