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Posted by Fernando.Ferreira on 03-Mar-2016 19:08

Dear Friends,

We have a project that OpenEdge BPM need to have high availability.

We need to install the OpenEdge BPM environment and Corticon clustered.

We have two environmental ideas, I wonder the opnion of you for this environment.

1 - Using F5 to load balance and installing two apache cluster to access 3 BPM connected Cluster / Load Balance.

2 Using F5 to load balance and without using the Apache cluster, configuring Apache directly on the OpenEdge BPM Jboss

What is the opnion of you? The two scenarios are possible?



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Posted by Jawahar Surapaneni on 03-Mar-2016 20:56

Hi Fernando,
In our testing environment, we normally test BP Servers with clustering feature with the similar setup as mentioned in scenario 1, but there is little difference.
We have a single Apache Proxy Server which talks to two BP Servers which is connected to OE Database.
With respect to your second scenario, i guess, it is not possible (Some one correct me if i am wrong). The reason is JBoss application server does not have an integrated proxy server. So, if web cluster need to be configured, we need to install an external proxy server (Which is Apache HTTP server) .
Also, point to be noted here is, when we are referring to JBoss Server, it should be JBoss Enterprise Edition. Clustering feature is supported on JBoss Ent Edition and not on JBoss Community Edition.

Posted by skothuri on 04-Mar-2016 00:54

Hi Fernando,

We never verified OpenEdge BPM running behind any commodity hardware used as a Proxy server.

The only certified proxy server is Apache HTTP Server with mod_jk installed and the cluster configuration tool of OpenEdge BPM accepts only Apache HTTP Server.

Posted by Yokesh Parasuraman on 27-Feb-2018 12:52

Hi Fernando,

Were you able to try out Option 2 of Clustering? Did you face any issues and how did you resolve it?



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