Error when use DataSlot DateTime

Posted by Fernando.Ferreira on 07-Jan-2016 12:34

I have a process I get datetime fields, and invoke one WebServices with OpenEdge 10.2b, and is with the error below and OpenEdge 102b in the variable is set to date.

Is there a way to map the DateTime(BPM) to Date(BPM to WebServices OpenEdge 102B)?

Caused by: java.lang.Exception: InputMap error: java.lang.Exception: Error while mapping 'DdataTaxa' to parameter 'IN.dtDataTaxa.13_0': java.lang.Exception: Cannot convert com.progress.lang.DateTimeTZ to java.util.Date.

        at com.savvion.sbm.adapters.framework.GroupMapper.mapIn(
        at com.savvion.sbm.adapters.framework.ManagedAdapter.setAllInputDataslots(
        ... 61 more


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Posted by Jawahar Surapaneni on 07-Jan-2016 22:09

Hi Fernando,
Can you please confirm, which version of OpenEdge  (Studio) you are using?
Also, as you mentioned  OpenEdge 10.2b, does it mean the database version?

Posted by Fernando.Ferreira on 08-Jan-2016 13:52

The Studio is 11.6, but we call a WebServices on version 10.2B



Posted by Jawahar Surapaneni on 11-Jan-2016 07:14

Hi Fernando,

Can you please explain how you are connecting

When you mean, Studio on 11.6:

What i understand is both BPM Studio and BPM Server is also on 11.6? This is correct right

Also, when you say, we call webservice on version 10.2B.... Can you share some details on this like what is the source for this WSDL?



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