How to configure a BPM workstep in OE Studio to get it compl

Posted by gerard_mzs on 11-Oct-2015 19:46


I am developing a BPM process template using the OE Studio and I want to be able to get a workstep completed at runtime from a Mobile App (developed using Progress-Telerik platform).
I see on the Progress documentation  
there are steps to set the Presentation type of the BPM workstep as "Mobile" and link the Mobile URL.

I am confused as to what this Mobile URL is and if I develop a simple mobile app using the Progress-Telerik platform, where I can get this mobile app URL ?
Would appreciate any assistance on this .



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Posted by sdhavala on 11-Oct-2015 23:45


Please follow the below steps, which will helps to access BPM Process JSDO in Telerick Mobile application.

1)Create a BPM Process

2)Add specific  presentation type ie Mobile presentation type.

3)After completing process design, generate JSDO for this process.[right click on the process, and will find an option to generate JSDO]

4)Now Import the OEBPM-Rollbase project into workspace, from location DLC\oebpm\studio\JSDO_Support . This project has capability of exposing BPM Process data as a service[Which we are shipping along with installation from release OE 11.5 onwards  ]. Change the presentation type variable in OEBPMEntity.cls.

5)Replace the json file content with the jsdo generated in step3 and publish the OEBPM-Rollbase module to restbroker and rest manager.

Now we can able to access the serviceURI and catalogURIs.

7)By using these serviceURI and catalogURIs we can able to build app.

For using Process Data Service Template in Telerick Appbuilder , please look the following examples



Posted by gerard_mzs on 12-Oct-2015 02:07

Hi Satyam,

Thanks for your response.  

Im currently using OE 11.3.2 (hotfix 11).  

Will I be able to run the steps you mentioned ?

From your comments and the other forum pages, looks like this setup is supported only in OE 11.5.1 ?

Could you please give more details on steps 5, 6 and 7

Thanks a lot


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