How to map LIST dataslots to a database table or temptable

Posted by daniel.baciu on 28-Oct-2014 02:10


I have a diagram where I use some List dataslots to instantiate a subprocess as described in Application Developer's Guide (Chapter 4). I want to prepare a the data which is to be sent to list dataslots in a temp-table.

How can I map one column from a temp-table to fill one list dataslot in ABL?

I found no other reference in the 11.3 documentation than this: "...if the LIST dataslot is mapped to a database table, then the values are read directly from database and no other action is required." How this can be dome?

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Posted by Praveena Ampaty on 28-Oct-2014 05:02

Hi Daniel,

We can assign temp-table column values to list dataslot by using oeadapter by following steps:

1. Create an appserver project and create a .p file. Create a character extent output parameter and assign temp-table values to the character extent parameter

2. In bpm process, configure OEAdapter with the created .p file. Map character extent output parameter to list dataslots in dataslot mapping dialog.

After executing the OEAdapter step in portal, list dataslot will have the temp-table column values.

For reading the database column values from database and mapping it to list dataslot by using DB Adapter can be achieved by following the below steps

1. Open DB Adapter Configurator, select Add in SQL Statements

2. select Choose a database button in connection tab and configure database definition

3. select connect button in connection tab

4. In SQL statement tab, check select radio button and choose database table and choose column and select Get Result MetaData button

5. select output parameters tab, select Expect Column As List radio button and select the ellipses button to map the list dataslot for column

6. Create an output variable of list type and select ok

7. specify SQL statement and select ok in Configurator

8. In Dataslot mapping dialog, map the output parameter to list dataslot.

Hope this helps.



Posted by Stefan Bolte on 28-Oct-2014 05:24

Hi Daniel,

Please see the OE BPM documentation, Book "Business Process Server: Managed Adapter Guide", section "DB Adapter". You will find an option "Expect Columns as List" (Page 56 in OE 11.4 pdf doc) explained.

This option allows to map a single column of a result-set of records to a list dataslot.

(I do not know, what the java type is that is used under the covers, maybe a collection of objects and whether it can be persisted to the BP Server Repository or whether it is just an in-memory object. Documentation is limited with regard to this dataslot type.)

But it looks to me as if this option of automatically mapping a column of a set of DB result set rows is only available

  • as output parameter of a DB adapter accessing a RDBMS via SQL (thus not available for the OE AppServer Adapter providing a Temp-Table as output paramter)
  • and is used for passing that list to other managed, custom or in-line adapters.

- Stefan

Posted by daniel.baciu on 28-Oct-2014 05:27

Thank you

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