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Posted by daniel.baciu on 30-Jan-2014 06:35


I try to setup one flow with few notifications. I need to send a mail when a particular activity is activated. I manage to set it up by configuring incoming and outgoing mail settings in Also the completion of the activity is working well by mail.

Now, the problem I'm having is with setup of an EmailAdaptor I add. If I don't set anything in the Configuration tab it takes the settings from BPS setup, which is perfect because I don't have to specify all again. The problem is that it didn't gets also the port number. My SMTP server is using a different port than the standard 25. I did some tests with one of the public mailing services which is using SMTPS on port 465. In properties i found no way to enter the port manually there is no field for it.

Is there a way to pass the port number to EmailAdaptor ? Or a way to inform it to take it from BPS settings?

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Posted by Jawahar Surapaneni on 30-Jan-2014 06:58

Hi Daniel,

In email adapter there is no entry provided to enter the port number.

But you can give a  try in extra properties section, under configuration tab

with following property

mail.smtp.port=<port number>

The main purpose of ExtraProperties section is, In case if your environment requires

some special settings, you may enter them in this section.

Posted by daniel.baciu on 30-Jan-2014 07:57

Thank you for your quick answer.

I was thinking to this as well.

In the end the port was set correctly. the problem was that it was not able to make a SSL connection. With the following construction setting I get it working.


Thank you.

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