BPM Process, Mobile App and Mobile REST service in same proj

Posted by daniel.baciu on 27-Jan-2014 07:44


I want to have a BPM Process, a Mobile App and few Mobile REST services in teh same project. I tried the followings:

1. To add a BPM Process to existing project containing Mobile REST services. Cannot be add as "This is not a BPM project"

2. Create a BPM project add  Appserver and Rest Facets and I was able to create BPM diagrams and add Mobile REST Application. The problems comes when I tried to add a new Mobile App. I got "One or more constraints have not been satisfied."

Do you know if it is possible to have these three together?

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Posted by Jean Richert on 29-Jan-2014 04:09

Hi Daniel, I asked some of our BPM staff to look into your questions. I'm confident they will get back to you today or so.

Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 29-Jan-2014 04:43

Hi Daniel,

Currently using OE 11.3 when Mobile and BPM facets are selected. It gives error, as Mobile facet needs Static Web Module facet and BPM needs Java facet. When Static Web Module and Java both are selected in facets currently it gives error stating both cannot be selected. This is a eclipse bug.


This has been fixed in eclipse 4.3.1 (WTP - 3.4).



Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 29-Jan-2014 07:01

OpenEdge 11.4 is going to ship with eclipse 4.3.1 (It has WTP 3.4) so this issue fix will be available in OE 11.4.



Posted by daniel.baciu on 29-Jan-2014 07:41

Thank you, Swathi.

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