11.3 OEBPM: How to change E-Mail templates

Posted by Akioma on 05-Dec-2013 07:20


I cannot find the place where one can customize the E-Mail messages the are generated by OEBPM w.g. when a task has been made available to a user.

When adding a EmailAdapter as a workstep, i can define the Mail subject and body in the Properties of the workstep. But where do I find similar options for the automatically generated mails?

Reading through the documentation it looks as the Message MAnager in the tools menu might be the right place to look, but that List is empty. And the documentation is really terrible...

Any help greatly appreciated,


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Posted by Varun Tayal on 30-Dec-2013 05:44

Automated emails uses email templates. If you want to change the content then try changing templates under - $DLC\oebpm\server\ebmsapps\common\templates\email

Hope this helps.

Posted by daniel.baciu on 28-Jan-2014 06:10

I have the same question / problem.

I found some guidelines but i didn't get it working.

There is a way to define email template per each process and per activity, even to have more templates per activity.

Please see the "Types of e-mail templates" chapter into "BP Server Developer's Guide".

It seems to be simpler: just create a folder \templates\email\<wsName>\ under process's folder.

I copied the default template in the folder described in the documentation and the result was that I didn't get any more any mails. Once I removed the templates i start getting mails again.

Maybe you are luckier.


Posted by sidury on 28-Jan-2014 10:26


To customize the E-Mail messages the are generated by OEBPM w.g. when a task has been made available to a user, you would need to modify email-template for available work item - " "availablewi.etl" under $DLC\oebpm\server\ebmsapps\common\templates\email\  (There is also email-template for assigned work item - "assignedwi.etl")

You can customize availablewi.etl and you have to restart the servers for the changes to take effect.

Alternatively, you can define a business rule on the process template to send links to the work items for the user/performer

Please refer the KB article -


Thank you.

Posted by Praveena Ampaty on 29-Jan-2014 01:21


I have tried customizing email template for assigned task  for different activities and it got worked. Following are the steps which I have followed

1. Made following entries to true in bpserver.conf file and restarted the BP server



2. Created a bpm project with 2 activities. created following folder structure under project module. Copied and pasted assignedwi.etl from ($DLC:\oebpm\server\ebmsapps\common\templates\email) to workstep folders

templates\email\Activity 1\assignedwi.etl

templates\email\Activity 2\assignedwi.etl

Note: You can also copy paste assignedwi.etl into $DLC:\oebpm\server\ebmsapps\<Projectname>\templates\email\<Workstep> folder and customize. But if the folder structure is not in studio and if you reinstall the project then the templates folder will be deleted

3. Customized the assignedwi.etl which is in Activity 1 and Activity 2 folders

4. Make sure that the admin email id is specified in users section in portal

5. Publish the project to server and create an instance. Observe that the customized email is sent to the assigned user

6. Complete activity1 and observe that the email is sent with customized information of activity2 to the assigned user

Can you please check and let me know the steps you are following differs or with these steps it is working for you?



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